Jess-McBride-headshot-3.jpgJessica McBride


PMP certified April 2016  |  Chapter Member since 2016  |  Chapter Volunteer since 2021

Volunteer Chops

Job Posting Board Committee, New Website Committee

Jessica has been a double-duty Chapter volunteer since the summer of 2021. As a member of the Job Posting Board team, Jess works with recruiters to showcase job opportunities on the Chapter board, contributes to the job-search focused Career Connections Newsletter and Chapter-driven networking calls. On the new website team, she’s played a pivotal role as advisor, content editor and functionality/work-flow guru.


Why you do it…volunteer?

I graduated from business school in May of 2021 and my tenure on the board I was serving on was complete in late 2020. So I was looking for a way to give back with some time I found in my schedule. I was lucky enough to get on the job board immediately and was able to contribute right out of the gate. So it kind of stuck! Soon thereafter, I was recruited for website duty, which was also fun and gave me way to apply some skills I’d gained recently doing a very similar project at work. Overall, I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and expanding my network.

In what aspect of project management do you excel?

I think we excel at what we are naturally good at and for me, my favorite part of PM work is communicating and bringing stakeholders on the journey from idea to successful implementation. I’ve been told I’m a good communicator/interpreter, with fluency in both IT and engineering. I also really like building out the process for how things “should” be done.  In my current role, I built out how prioritization would work for competing priorities.

What challenges you…from a PM perspective?

For me, where I excel and what challenges me—one in the same. Humans are difficult. Being one is hard and navigating biases, competing agendas and egos is extremely challenging. Perhaps that’s why it feels so good when we have a success in this area. I also find celebrating wins challenging.  It’s not that I don’t like them – It just doesn’t come naturally for me to think about having a pizza party at a key milestone completion.  I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a team that fills in this gap for me because I think celebrations are really, really important for motivation – especially on multi-year projects.

Cool factoids?

I am an amateur photographer—indulging when my busy life allows. I am an animal lover. Picture that crazy dog lady you see on social media and in memes. And I have 6 nieces and 1 nephew—all under the age of 10. I love to be the fun aunt and take them on adventures.

Most interesting place(s) you’ve visited?

Travel is a huge part of my life. It fills my cup. My dream trip to the Galapagos Islands comes to mind as far as most interesting. But I think I learned the most on my trips to Morocco and Nepal. And, as a special PM note, I find travel is good for communication skills and to learn about other cultures—especially if you work on international projects.

Career Notes


Inteach |

Assistant Vice President of Strategy & Project Management

Not-for-profit working with doctors immigrating to the United States.



Good Thinking |


Consulting, coaching and speaking organization concentrating on the intersection of Behavioral Economics, Change Management and Process Improvement.


Jessica previously worked in the private sector in both real estate and the legal fields and the public sector at the Commonwealth of PA.