Are you seeking to elevate your professional game, to position your career for growth, and/or wrestling with a complex challenge on the job? Or perhaps you are an established project management practitioner who sees the virtue in sharing your expertise and experience with an emerging peer. 

PMI Delaware Valley Chapter offers an enriching program at the intersection of these two paths. Through our Mentorship Program, we pair a seasoned project management practitioner and Chapter member with an emerging or early career-stage Chapter member who is seeking to learn, grow and advance.

Program Benefits


  • Guidance to help you narrow, focus, and sequence the steps towards goals.
  • Expanded networking opportunities.
  • Professional skills training.
  • Direction on specific, job-related project management challenges.
  • PDUs to maintain your certification.

MENTORS enjoy…

  • Learning and perspective-expansion through the experience of advising.
  • Opportunities to sharpen communication and organizational skills.
  • Satisfaction in helping a peer.
  • The opportunity to strengthen the Chapter.
  • PDUs to maintain your certification. 

Focus & Objective


You define the nature of the engagement. Seeking to build a bridge to the next stage of your career? Hoping to beef-up your project planning chops? Or perhaps you are diving into a large project in the near term and would appreciate a sounding-board for the stretch? Mentee and Mentor establish the framework for the relationship.


As every mentorship pairing is unique, we encourage mentor and mentee to establish the meeting approach, frequency, and communication preferences that best fit your needs and schedule. Our program guidelines

  • Duration & Frequency: We recommend an engagement period of 3-6 months. You establish a frequency and manner that makes sense to you. Bear in mind, four hours a month is a strong learning target and aligns with your PDU earning potential of 24 units over a 6-month stretch.
  • PDU opportunity: Both mentor and mentee can earn up to 24 PDUs—8 Technical, 8 Leadership, and 8 Strategic.
  • Goals: What are you looking to achieve? We encourage pairings to define clear goals for the engagement. The mentee is encouraged to submit occasional progress reports as well.
  • Mentee Eligibility: Any Delaware Valley Chapter member in good standing.
  • Mentor Eligibility: A Delaware Valley Chapter member in good standing, typically with 7+ years of project management experience. Most importantly, a desire to share wisdom.

Enroll Today


This is a great program for mentors and mentees alike. If you have questions about either role, please reach out to our Mentorship Program Director, Frank McKeown |

If you are ready to take the leap—as either mentee or enroll as a mentor—please follow these simple steps. Have an electronic version of your resume at the ready as it is required for the application.

  1. Visit PMI's Volunteer website. Sign-in using your PMI username/password.
  2. Select the VOLUNTEER tab.
  3. Under CHAPTER/HQ pulldown, select DELAWARE VALLEY (other fields are optional)
  4. Select PMI-DVC Mentor or PMI-DVC Mentee.
  5. Then scroll to the bottom and click APPLY NOW