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Starting in May 2021, the PMI DVC chapter will commence a Member Mentoring Program.

The mission of the PMIDVC Mentorship Program is to leverage the collective expertise of fellow professionals to help our members succeed in their career through advice and guidance offered through mentorship.   Our goal is to provide a resource for members to learn from the experiences and expertise of other members in the performance of project management functions.  We want to provide tools to assist members in achieving PMI credentials, employing PMI skills in the workplace and demonstrating their interest in building the craft through intercommunication with others. 

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to give chapter members in good standing the opportunity to act as advisors to less experienced members.  The program will also provide a service to members who wish to benefit from the knowledge of more experienced project managers.  This is accomplished through recruiting and onboarding participants, pairing them according to industry and/or areas of expertise and tracking their progress in the program.  

We invite any interested parties – mentors or mentees – to complete the VRMS applications that are available to all members.   We are seeking PMIDVC members with over five years of Project Management experience, who have attempted to gain PMI certifications as PMP or other certificates to serve as Mentors.   The VRMS ID for Mentors is # 30900. Any PMIDVC members that feel that gaining advice on project management functions within their industries, as well as obtaining assistance or “tips” on gaining a PMP would be helpful to their careers, should consider becoming Mentees in the program.  

We will pair applicants by the particular industry or project management area that each mentee is seeking assistance in.   Mentors will be assigned based on their respective expertise.   The VRMS ID for Mentee’s is #30901.

We expect participants to plan to spend at least two hours each month in the mentoring process.    It is expected that the pairs will meet at least Once per month for two hours.  The assigned Mentee will be required to complete a form when each meeting is completed.  The completed form will be sent to the Director of Mentoring.

While we will commence the program, by providing participants an initial virtual connection via Zoom, to allow the program to begin under current circumstances, as time continues, it is hoped that the mentor / mentee pairs will choose to begin person-to-person sessions.   For that reason, the addresses of each applicant will also be considered in the pairing process, to ease a transition to face-to-face sessions.    Mentors and mentees that have enjoyed the program over recent weeks have found the sessions to be mutually beneficial and quite helpful. We look forward to additional members joining the program and reaping the benefits thereof.

The program intends to offer a path to gain advice and guidance from persons who have gained some wisdom in the arena of Project Management and the PMI certification protocols through their own career paths.   

For further information please contact Rick Lobron, Director of Mentoring (Rich Lobron (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Frank McKeown VP of Professional Development (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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