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PMI IS ON A MISSION. As the leader in project management, our aim is to empower people to make ideas a reality. Global megatrends, such as the Climate Crisis, COVID-19 Pandemic, Civil, Civic and Equality Movements are dramatically reshaping our world, leading to a proliferation of projects and magnifying the need for project management skills by all changemakers.


PMI 4.0 is a growth strategy to address the PM needs of changemakers. By expanding our stakeholder universe and our product portfolio, PMI can increase its impact to the world by 10x. Changemakers are individuals that proactively drive change and transformational efforts for businesses, people and society overall. Project Professionals are changemakers—they have always led change and turned ideas into reality, and we continue to serve them.


PMI 4.0 is defined by four core Strategic Focus Areas that get us to 10x: 

  • Expanded communities, targeted engagement, 
  • Integrated Social Benefit, 
  • Coalition of Associations, 
  • B2B Advocacy, B2C Enablement. 

Each area is a System for Scaling that represents the new ways we plan to move forward and scale; it is how we will broaden our reach, expand our impact and build lasting relationships. These Systems for Scaling allows us to scale our business and reach the broader changemaker audience across global markets.



PMI previously focused on serving the Project Professional. Now, we are delivering project management skills to the world by addressing the needs of a global community of changemakers, inclusive of Project Professionals, ages ranging from 5 to 75.



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Project Professionals



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(Project Professionals, Youth, Students, Entrepreneurs, etc.)


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Please check back in September, 2021 for more information!


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