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Military Outreach Program

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PMI Delaware Valley Chapter's Military Outreach Program

To best support its members, PMI Delaware Valley Chapter has a Military Outreach Program that is comprised of veteran and transitioning servicemembers created to help group members navigate the decision to earn a project management certification, to identify transferable skills from previous work and service experience, and to make connections to discover a career in project management.

The project management profession is an ideal career for servicemembers transitioning into the civilian workforce and many skills acquired in service are directly transferable to the project management profession. Military veterans and civilian project managers shared many key proficiencies such as leading cross-functional teams to ensure accomplishment of mission objectives (strategic leadership skill), managing budgets and scheduling activities (technical skills), and conflict mediation and performance appraisal (soft skills).

In addition to a supportive resource network, PMI Delaware Valley Chapter offers benefits to chapter military servicemembers. Here are just a few:

  • Reimbursement via the PMI-DVC Chapter Guest Pass program for first-year PMI Delaware Valley Chapter fees;
  • A PMI Delaware Valley Chapter mentor through the Military Outreach Program mentorship program; and
  • Free resume and career coaching via third-party service.

We encourage you to visit PMI’s Military, Veterans and Family page to learn more about how PMI Global supports military-affiliated members including PMI Global exam registration fee reimbursement for eligible servicemembers.

In the Delaware Valley Community:

Although PMI-DVC Military Outreach Program’s primary focus is to help group members navigate project management, the group also provides mentorship opportunities and is active in the community, visiting military installations and veteran job fairs.

Recent Activities:

In August, 2019, a voluntary chapter member survey was conducted to update records of members who wished to share military status. In addition, members with military-affiliation were asked to submit ideas for future military outreach activities. These ideas are being evaluated for future action.

A Training Program through Nelson Frank Tech Academy:

The Nelson Frank Tech Academy, a fully funded two-year program for people with security clearance and IT experience (JavaScript, ITIL or ServiceNow®) is kickstarting a program to train and employ veterans through a partnership with one of the industry’s leading software tool providers, ServiceNow®. Individuals seeking technical education and/or employment assistance may contact Adae Fonseca at Nelson Frank Tech Academy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Nelson Frank Tech Academy website for more information.

A Few Calls for Help:

The PMI-DVC Military Outreach Program is interested in providing information to reserve service units regarding project management career paths, PMI and the chapter. If you are currently serving or recently retired from reserve service, and you think that your unit would be interested, please contact a member of the PMI-DVC Military Outreach Program.

The PMI-DVC Military Outreach Program would like to connect with individuals who recently departed, or is close to departure of, military service. Please share the group’s information with individuals you know.

Contact the PMI-DVC Military Outreach Group: Harris Snyder (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), a U.S. Navy veteran, is the current point of contact for this effort. He is supported by a group of over thirty PMI Delaware Valley Chapter members who are veterans representing all U.S. military services.

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