Jawn for NextGen

You are the future of the Chapter. We need you.

Jawn-def-2.pngI recently took a walk in a park by my home in Delaware. On that walk I stopped to admire an old sycamore tree. Sycamores can reach towering heights and live for as long as 600 years. Six hundred years! Consider that from a human perspective. Cooling shade, carbon reduction, and oxygen generation for some twenty-five generations of people. That’s some value.

PMI Delaware Valley Chapter is young by these standards—a mere 42 years since inception. To date, the Chapter has drawn project professionals from four generations: the Silent Generation; Baby Boomers; Gen-X; and the Millennials. Gen-Z is at the door. Generation Alpha some time away. But, for the time being, four generations historically. And in our present ranks, three.

Generations-Table-1.pngChapter Millennials, this note is addressed to you. You are more than stewards of the future. You are our today. The Chapter, your employers, your communities, nation and worldthe generational shift at the reins is well underway. Your generation is large, already dwarfing the Xers on the workforce. Your generation is innovative, digitally nimble, of high expectations, and invested in the bigger picture. Your influence is already being felt in how we work, live and aspire to better things. In short, center-stage awaits.

With regard to the Chapter, I’ll put it bluntly: we need you. Your skills, imagination, experience—all of it. And, naturally, what time you can afford. PMI Delaware Valley Chapter is connectedness, something I see as vital and nourishing in a world so prone to fragmentation. It’s both professional anchor and nexus; institutional archive and incubator. And from my perspectiver, it’s packed with talent, generosity, and good will.

- Bob



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There are so many ways. Contribute to events. Support an initiative. Make a difference for those pursuing certification. Mentor a peer. The list goes on. Volunteers earn PDUs, expand their networks, refine skills, and build lasting relationships.

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We are exploring ideas for new initiatives. Women in PM. Toastmasters. A Next Generation committee. Book clubs (yes, reading relevant material earns PDUs). Throw your hat into the ring and help a new initiative get off the ground.

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