PMI Delaware Valley Chapter

Expectations & Commitment

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Operational, strategic and project team positions are open to anyone that is willing to participate. You must be a member of PMI and of the PMI Delaware Valley Chapter. There is no limit to the number of operational assignments or projects that you can volunteer for, but please be mindful and committed to fulfilling obligations on volunteer positions and assignments.

Commitment to your chosen assignment as a representative of the Chapter

  • Elected Board members are expected to attend all chapter and board meetings

Timely fulfillment of assigned tasks

  • Devote the time required in order to meet assignment objectives
  • Complete all assignments in a timely manner
  • Request assistance if unable to complete assignments by an established deadline

Active participation in project activities

  • Be able to work on a geographically disbursed team
  • Be able to work with minimal supervision

Prompt acknowledgement of and timely response to program stakeholders

  • Accept direction from appropriate level of leadership

Work toward the benefit of the profession

Contribute to consensus building

  • Be willing to listen to and fully consider other opinions or points of view
  • Share your perspective with the team in a professional manner

Adhere to established processes and procedures

Ethical behavior

  • Participation should not be for self-serving purposes, political or direct commercial gain
  • Participants should not promote personal agendas or proprietary methodologies
  • Work with integrity and respect for others

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