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Mike BrullMike-Brull

Although Mike Brull may have retired from the elevated position of VP of Programs, he’s not retiring his ideas or aspirations for the Chapter.  Mike has been a dedicated member of the Chapter, and an active volunteer since 2012.  He first started volunteering with PMI-DVC by coordinating a dinner meeting.  Since then, he has successfully increased meeting attendance, expanded the Chapter’s marketing geography to include more regions, and instituted more casual networking events.

If you’re looking to volunteer with PMI-DVC, Mike has a few words of wisdom for you. First, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by taking on roles that take you out of your comfort zone, It’s this “stretching” that will allow you to grow and develop a new skill set.  If you’re new to volunteering, begin by  getting involved gradually as you get a feel for what interests you most and understand how much time you are able to commit.

Mike has stepped down to enjoy more time with his kids, Olivia and Jonathan, and his wife Liz. And that’s not all he’ll be doing --- Mike plans to work on his 1966 Dodge Charger or perhaps he’ll take time to go camping or to enjoy the game of golf a bit more.  Either way, Mike is sure to stay busy. When he’s not helping with his son’s Scout Troop or his daughter’s softball team, he is sure to continue to come up with new ways to make our Chapter even better.  And, 
our Chapter is all the better because of his continued dedication and commitment.

Ron DeLucaRonDeluca

After a successful tenure as the Vice President of Education and Development, Ron DeLuca has stepped down after a 6-year tenure. Ron first became interested in PMI-DVC by attending a dinner meeting. There, he had the opportunity to network and soon became involved with the  Education Committee.  Subsequently, he became Director of Training and Education and later advanced to VP of Education and Development.  Since then, Ron has made a huge difference in the Chapter by expanding educational opportunities for project managers by developing  partnerships with local universities. Under his leadership, a curriculum was developed with a team of exceptional university teachers.

Although Ron has stepped down as VP, he's not stepping down from his passion for education or project management. He is a teacher at Temple University and the Director of the Project Management Certificate Program at the University of Delaware.  Ron grew up in a family that  placed a heavy emphasis on education, and Ron continues to live out that tradition today.

Ron will be spending his newly-found “free time” running his company, DeLuca Construction. Ron has a tip for anyone who wants to volunteer with PMI-DVC.  Pace yourself and get to know the limits of how much time you can commit to the Chapter.  Always keep in mind that your dedication, time and efforts will make a difference to the success of PMI-DVC and its members.


We at PMI Delaware Valley Chapter express our thanks and appreciation to Mike and Ron for their vision and leadership that contributed significantly to our Chapter.

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