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Volunteer Career Path

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PMI-DVC opportunities for volunteers are varied and may be within the following entities:

  • PMI-DVC Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Special Projects
  • Project Teams or Committees

Volunteer opportunities within PMI-DVC are at four levels, reflecting the abilities of the volunteer to handle specific types of tasks and opportunities:

  • Volunteer – Non-elected, non-appointed volunteer working on their own, as part of a team, to achieve a specific outcome or deliverable.
  • Experienced Volunteer Leader – Newly appointed volunteer in a leadership role, including committee chairs or project team leads.
  • Operational Volunteer Leader – Appointed Directors to the BOD, responsible for PMI-DVC operational activities and large project initiatives to achieve chapter strategic objectives.
  • Strategic Volunteer Leader – Key PMI-DVC BOD elected or appointed volunteer leaders responsible for achieving the chapter’s mission and strategic direction.

Click here to see the roles, responsibilities, and rewards of the four chapter volunteer levels.

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