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PMI-DVC opportunities for volunteers are varied and may be within the following entities:

  • PMI-DVC Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Special Projects
  • Project Teams or Committees

Volunteer opportunities within PMI-DVC are at four levels, reflecting the abilities of the volunteer to handle specific types of tasks and opportunities:

  • Volunteer – Non-elected, non-appointed volunteer working on their own, as part of a team, to achieve a specific outcome or deliverable.
  • Experienced Volunteer Leader – Newly appointed volunteer in a leadership role, including committee chairs or project team leads.
  • Operational Volunteer Leader – Appointed Directors to the BOD, responsible for PMI-DVC operational activities and large project initiatives to achieve chapter strategic objectives.
  • Strategic Volunteer Leader – Key PMI-DVC BOD elected or appointed volunteer leaders responsible for achieving the chapter’s mission and strategic direction.

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